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Alright, even though I have no big expectations for this to get through to the stubborn head of any Bluehole employee under any circumstance, here goes. Warning: Huge wall of text, nearly words. Now, before I begin, some things of what I am about to say may sound new-player-unfriendly or elitist, but In my honest opinion, the game has become way too forgiving for this part of the playerbase during the earlier dungeons until they hit a difficulty spike in the later ones, causing them to be nuisances to any party they run with. The game lacks general tutorials and in my honest opinion, the average player skill level is at an all-time low – people wipe even in dungeons that you could consider braindead easy. I think it’s a burden and, in some cases, outright insulting to seasonal players to have to deal with players that aren’t up to that standard. In other words, make matchmaking skill-based, so rookies only get matched with rookies, wheras other players get matched according to their total runs. You could of course expand on this furthe r: Make rookies unable to queue for anything but learning runs until they have the “skilled” status – this will force them to either deal with that, and actually take the time to learn the dungeon, or, in case of an alt, run the dungeon via LFG. If you want to loosen this restriction up, you could ease up the requirement to having the dungeon skilled according to total runs over all your characters, but consequently raise the amount of runs needed to attain “skilled”. You could also add the option to state preferences: which Healer do you want, what Tank do you prefer? You could improve the IMS with added variety like this.

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There are the different character in TERA, and each character has different If there are not enough healers/tanks/dps that would queue, you’ll the Battleground matchmaking button (next to instance matching). Hard Times: Revisiting Acts I-IV of Kentucky Route Zero While Desperately Looking for Work.

Preacher Registered User regular. March Hell, one of the problems I originally had was that I felt like I was missing chunks of the story and I’m sure that’s because instances which I always get the shittiest players possible, it’s a fucking curse were level dependent and I’d either level out of them, or not realize when one came up until it was past time to go do them. Because I, too, am a completionist, but I’d avoid the instances so I could do all the quests in them at once. Like ripping off a band-aid.

Every last one. That’s my preferred way of playing games. I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine. March edited March

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The solution to fixing dead instance matching has been here the whole time! All the devs would have to do is add various rewards to low ilvl instances that would benifit high ilvl players. Example: each player gets a different venguard reward based on their ilvl at the end of each instance. That would make instance matching more active than it currently is, in my opinion.

Note that it is not possible to queue for dungeons outside of the player’s level bracket or Running a random dungeon confers additional rewards in the form of.

Some information may be different for other regions. I will remind you again with a note in pink. Since class roles are distinct in TERA the results can be looked up by class and the overall ranking is also available. Also leaderboard can be checked through the browser under the Raking Page on the Main site which will also be added as well. Battleground leaderboards have been developed so that it will show off your skill in competitive battlegrounds and encourage competition for higher ranking.

The goal of the leaderboard update is to make battlegrounds more enjoyable and to stimulate more activity in battlegrounds. When the update arrives the Leaderboard icon will appear on the main menu, which can also be accessed through a shortcut key default ALT-L. Ranking is based the current battleground scoring system, which will place you higher on ranking as you achieve higher points.

Dungeons / instance matchmaking and quests seriously flawed

When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline. Players navigate a hostile landscape, learn about their surroundings, and unravel a classic sci-fi story in the process. Update Notes I’m just more used to finding a server status forum but I guess as you explained it warframe servers do not go down usually.

Perhaps the biggest problem was that the memory management system was so catastrophically broken that up to a third of any Instance matchmaking tera.

Besides that, you can also use a VPN which will connect you to a different server. Lower your ping in games. This is Battle Royale. Our cheaters are mostly Chinese using VPN. By doing so, you can reduce lag, lower your ping, protect you from DDoS attacks, get past geographical restrictions on the firewalls at school or work, and reduce the chance of throttling.

This provider has lots of different features that make it so popular among gamers and other VPN users. Some gamers will suggest you use VPN App. A feature worth mentioning is its DDOS-protected servers that go a long way to mitigate hacker attacks, which are common in the gaming world. It also provides extra security from any possible attacks to the servers thereby affecting your game and gameplay. Decreasing the gap between your self and a gaming server in this manner additionally reduces ping.

Pings are refreshed once every 10 seconds. PingBoosterThrough this application you can play the game safely and safely with low “ping”. Post a link on how you can gain access to the pubg server to spoof a ping. Reduce latency between your location and gaming servers to reduce game lag and ping times.

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The Instance Matching (IMS) tool is a function that can be used to queue your character in a.

I decided to give this game another try and got to the part where the main story told me to enter the Vampir Mansion. I signed up on the instance matchmaking – the game puts me inside – the people are far ahead and tell me to run past all the monsters. Finally I catch up with them while they are fighting some boss – boss dead – dungeon over – I get kicked from the instance. Meanwhile my party is plenty busy to run as fast as they can and since I am the healer and we don’t have a tank – noobish little me is trying his best to keep up with the pros to keep them alive.

I’m done running after people who can’t wait for a moment and I’m done looking for npcs who are hiding in corners for whatever reason. And most of all I am done with instances that do not count as finished just because some stupid npc wasn’t there to witness the final boss going down. I found folks don’t give a fuck in dungeons if your even new or coming back. I couldn’t tank shit cause everyone was pulling random mobs and doing their own fucking thing. If you get the mechanics down you can just solo mobs.

I really did enjoy the combat but it wasn’t fun, everyone wants to speed through skip as much mobs as possible. This game and aion should’ve replaced their entire dev team and rebooted, both games had absurd amounts of potential. It was rather common at launch for this type of thing to occur as well. Its unfortunate too because that dungeon like nearly all of them is super boring.

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We’ve spent the last few weeks playing games on Nvidia’s cloud-gaming service for PC and Mac. Disini kami menyediakan kamera CCTV dengan harga yang terbilang murah,soal kualitas? It can also be used to find out what your DPI actually is if you don’t have a setting for it in your mouse driver. Atm i have witcher3 and guild wars 2 both don’t drop under 30fps both are tweaked on high and look so gorgeous. Players fully control their characters using the game’s dynamic battle system My FPS is extremely.

You can only enter dungeon matchmaking if you’re solo, and it’s too good to not go to fix the problem that nobody is using the dungeon matchmaking feature I’ve witnessed the same thing happen in TERA too for example.

Cheating forums Cheating forums. Battle Eye can also tell the difference between you using macros for a clear game benefit or using it for something else. The top team has 4 people racing, there is a maximum of 64 tasks that can be done, and they have points of 11, It was an easier quiz than usual like is this graph negative or positive and I really did not need to use the website to check my work but I did it anyway. Kongregate Question for Kong only , is it Cheating or No? But that same technology also leaves a digital footprint making it easier for the offender to be caught red-handed.

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Uptrends’ ping tool sends out requests from more than 40 of our global checkpoints, or you can check by region: Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, or the Middle East. I noticed that you are already using an anonymizer, try Whoer VPN with an excellent discount! In turn, the lowest ping value proved to be the domain of countries from the North.

Right below you can see a full list of all available dungeons at TERA, with name of the dungeon – If title of dungeon is not linkable, I haven’t add any If you want to enter any instance without the matchmaking system or you.

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Eziel’s Tera 101 Guide Part 17 – Instance Match Making